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Please-- I'm dying-- So many of the words here are causing me to collapse from laughing too much, I might choke on my own spit because of this!! WHIRLPOOL-- CUE HENTAI LOFI MUSIC-- Birdy, oh my god Birdy is such the chad here. And also Yang Ertian seriously gives me himbo vibes and I love it, in fact I can see him being dominated while he services-- Aaaa seriously, it's so amazing and I needed to take several breaks from all the laughing I did!!

Hahaha thank you so much!! Yeah, Birdy's easily the MVP here - he needs to be there to support his himbro (himbo + bro, get it? LOL)

He's definitely the dominated one here. If it's not by his partner, it's by Birdy...

Anyway thanks for the comment! You totally made my day~


Lovely art and character design! This page's presentation is also very impressive! Very well done!

Thank you so much! Gotta love doing all the artsy parts~

I might just play this..? (Idk this popped up on my feed and I haven’t slept and I’m bored)

Up to you! ❤️


This was really hilarious and unexpectedly hot! Good job!

Thank you so much! You're unexpectedly hot too! To egg-laying dudes, of course~

I'll also make a great visual novel! Just you wait!

One about dudes laying eggs I hope? 👀

No x3 but hopefully one with NSFW and romance!


Ooh! Sounds nifty!

When in doubt, however, remember that laying eggs is an option~ 👀👀👀

(Why does it sounds like I'm trying to convince everyone to make a game about dudes laying eggs?)


XDD Because you missed your chance here!

Well, don't miss your chance to make one about dudes laying eggs! Still an option! (wink wink wink)


⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄