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Prepare to get schooled! School... as in school of fish, get it? Hahaha! Ha...

Ahem! Anyway! Inspired by ocean creatures, these merman sprite sets are designed for BL/otome visual novels or interactive fiction. They're made simple and easy for beginners with no additional editing required.

They're immediately usable in Ren'Py with the Show statement:

Each of these individual sprite packs contain multiple expressions per character. You may refer to the character side plates for the corresponding characters and their outfit versions.

They're also compatible with my other fantasy sprite sets.

The characters' dimensions are 700 to 900 pixels tall, all in transparent PNG format. They are drawn and colored using Medibang and Photoshop.

Feel free to modify and rename the sprites after downloading them as you like.

You may refer to the installation section if unsure how to use in Twine. I have a code snippet there that might help.

This is a non-commercial project. Feel free to link back so that other developers and writers can enjoy it too! Enjoy~

Other resource packs I've made:

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GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py, Twine, TyranoBuilder
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Characters, Fantasy, male, merman, PNG, Ren'Py, Sprites
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International



Install instructions

1. Download the file to your drive.

2. Files are in ZIP format and require extraction. Once extracted, you will find several PNG images.

3. They're ready for immediate use. Copy them to your Ren'Py game's game\images directory.

4. If you like, you may edit them freely.

For Twine:

1. Download the pack and extract it.

2. In your Twine game folder, copy them to the \images folder.

3. They can be used with an <img src> tag in your index.html file.

Bear in mind that these images won't be visible when you preview your game in the editor's browser. They'll only appear when you test run it locally with your \images folder in the same directory.

4. When uploading your game to itch.io, make sure the images are in the zip folder too.

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Thank you, I will not forget to mention your name in my VN for your characters, I'm looking for characters because I obviously do not know how to draw I have ideas in mind, but drawing is not for me, it's a disaster lool fortunately that people as talented as you are there thank you again. 

Aww, thanks for crediting and you're welcome! Yeah, I kinda get how you feel - having ideas but having a hard time expressing them visually. Glad these help! Figured some folk might need these for the upcoming month of Mermay~