Follow the tongue-in-cheek adventures of Ai Douya as he fights monsters and  finds true love on his quest to obtain the Golden Scroll!

Set in a brightly-colored Wuxia world with beautiful music, fun battles and amusing love interests, Douya and the Golden Scroll is a not-so-family-friendly BL visual novel  that's guaranteed to make you laugh! Or cringe, depending on your mileage.

PS: Yes, there really is a golden scroll. No bluffing here!


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Douya and the Golden Scroll: Plum Blossom Edition (SH)

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Rated 16+ : for 16 and up audiences only

All characters in this game are above 18.

This visual novel may look like it's SFW, but it really isn't.
Please download at your own risk and responsibility.

16 and up audiences only

🍆 VTC: Very Thirsty Characters 💦

🌿 CTS: Crack Taken Seriously 🌳



Written, coded and illustrated by LinXueLian
Initial conception: July 9, 2021 - Demo (Discord): 17-23 July, 2021
Last complete bug fix: 25 July, 2021


Background raws by Guttari Nyanko
Raw stock images by PIXABAY and SozaiLab
Edited by LinXueLian

Vladimir Nicolic


HookSounds -
PG BGM Music -
Sigtek -
Kevin McLeod -


Glower Music -
InspectorJ -
TheBuilder15 -
Andy Rhode -
damnsatinist -
sthran -
ermine -



Download 73 MB
Download 56 MB
DOUYA_GOLDENSCROLL-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 63 MB

Install instructions


1. Download the douya-win zip file.

2. Extract it anywhere you like on your PC.

3. Run DOUYA_GOLDENSCROLL.exe. (The application file.)

4. Enjoy the madness!

Development log


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What are these sympol?My PC cant display them

It's a cucumber!

You know,characters names are all Chinese Pinyin



So why you talk to me in English?You look like a Chinese


i nearly choked on water from laughing when i reached the inn- L M A O

Ahahaha! The best part of the inn is Mister Spider!


My brain broke but in the best way


The only way for a brain to break! 🤣


I love this game. The monsters seriously caught me off guard, and the whole gag where they were basically just (censored) the whole time was really funny. Just a great game overall. 10000000/10.


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like those monsters and their (CENSORED) brotherhood haha! They're definitely the highlight - probably even more than the main characters, bless!


I saw 16+ and NSFW and still thought that was a warning for violence, rather than... the classic use of NSFW. I stood quickly corrected! Many laughs and also WTFs, especially with the monsters!


Haha thanks!! Yeah, you'd think it was more of a kungfu game!Ikr, I love those monsters


Xiao Hong Zao... Little Red Date? How very (not) fitting!

I wonder if there's meaning behind the other names XD

There are indeed meanings! They're either a fruit or vegetable, bless~


Played this at 2 am and couldn't stop giggling!!

This was so fun!!!


Hurrah! Thank you for playing and letting me know~ So glad you liked it!!


Really funny! xD


Thank you~~ Very glad the jokes landed hehe~

(5 edits) (+2)

Thank you for making this game! It tickled me so much, I wish it wouldn't end. Showed it to some discord friends and we all cackled like hyenas at 1:00 AM while streaming the game :}

Aww thank you so much for giving it a go and letting me know!! I'm so happy you like it! Silly VNs are super fun!


The monsters are awesome, yes! But everything in this game is hilarious and cute at the same time <3 And gotta love those references.

Ahaha thank you!! I am glad it worked out! I did enjoy the whole process, so glad you liked it too~


ha ha this was so amusing!! i loved the monsters xD


Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad you loved those monsters. They're my favorite too hahahaha