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Fancy making your own MDZS fan game or dating sim featuring your favourite characters? Well, you're in a bit of luck - so do I, and I'm putting out free sprites of my favourite characters to help make it a little easier for everyone!

Here's a taste of what your game may look like:

Oh no! They're mad!

The images are pre-saved in PNG so you can use them for anything - even fanfiction covers and Youtube videos! Let's share the love! 💖

As this is a fan project (meaning the characters don't belong to me), I don't advise using any of these sprites in any commercial or paid-for project.

This project will be updated as I draw other characters or new outfits on the existing character bases. I love drawing new clothes! You may look at the sidebar to see what is available for download.

Games made with these sprites: View my MXTX Collection

Available Retainer Sprite Packs

🌸 Murong Yi and Yuan Sanshan both have sect cosplays available and can function as retainers.

Looking to create your own game? Here are links to some free visual novel engines:

Ren'Py (https://www.renpy.org/) - A visual novel engine using Python scripting. I use this one quite a bit, it's super simple and easy to use. You can create multiple distributions with this tool. I find it ideal for image-heavy VNs.

Twine 2 (https://twinery.org/): A web-based application. You don't need to code, but you can jazz your story up with basic CSS and pictures if you like. Unlike Ren'Py, you'll need to host your media files externally. Saves as HTML; ideal for text-based games.

Free Sprite Packs I have made:

My Xianxia and Wuxia asset packs: https://itch.io/c/2006928/

My Fairytale and Fantasy asset packs: https://itch.io/c/2006931/

My Folk and Historical costume asset packs: https://itch.io/c/4223894/

My Pet and Animal asset packs: https://itch.io/c/4204269/

My Background and Item asset packs: https://itch.io/c/4211158/



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