While cutting through the garden of a deserted house to get to college, Randy discovers an old music box. As the tune begins to play, a love story begins to unfold.

Notice: This is a kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices to be made in-game.


Contains mild/censored depictions of violence. Language may not be suitable for minors.


Design & Story: LinXueLian (itch.io) : AO3

Background Music:

Liebersraum (The Dream of Love, Franz Liszt) - Neuf Music
Quiet Town, Suspense - Presence of Music
There is Romance - Kevin MacLeod
Mysterious Place - Hooksounds


Alarm beep: kwahmah_02
Kicking: adcbicycle
Click: Skret
Success: Leszek Szary
Door Closing: InspectorJ
Keys Dropping: cribbler
Leaves Rustling: j1987


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Install instructions

The download distributions can be saved to a local drive and played without need of a browser.

Windows: Simply download the file and run MUSIC_BOX_LIEBESTRAUM.exe

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This was a beautiful little game <333

I loved the change of mood as the game progressed - it started out fun and bright, but Florian's backstory was such a contrast to it, and the sudden shift of tone made it hit even harder. I was genuinely so sad for him, and so happy for him by the end - albeit in a very bittersweet sort of way.

For such a brief play time, it was an emotional rollercoaster, and I enjoyed every high and low along the way!


D'aww, thank you darling! I'm so glad you enjoyed that roller-coaster ride!


:000 oh my... family murder history plus shared love???

florian is so cute... why did gramps go to such lengths to kill him? >:(

Ikr??? Gramps is dumb! T_T

This was very sweet! The story was pretty short, but I think everything came together nicely in the end, and Florian was very cute!

I wasn't a huge fan of the font used (the all caps is a little hard for me to read), but it was pretty enjoyable other than that! Good job!

Thanks! I'll consider an easier-to-read font in the future!

Looking forward to it <3

OOooh thank you!!