While cutting through the garden of a deserted house to get to college, Randy discovers an old music box. As the tune begins to play, a love story begins to unfold.

Notice: This is a kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices to be made in-game.

Update/Bug Fix (29/10/2023): Fixed layering and side image issue on Android mobile.


Contains mild/censored depictions of violence. Language may not be suitable for minors.


Design & Story: LinXueLian (itch.io) : AO3

Background Music:

Liebersraum (The Dream of Love, Franz Liszt) - Neuf Music
Quiet Town, Suspense - Presence of Music
There is Romance - Kevin MacLeod
Mysterious Place - Hooksounds


Alarm beep: kwahmah_02
Kicking: adcbicycle
Click: Skret
Success: Leszek Szary
Door Closing: InspectorJ
Keys Dropping: cribbler
Leaves Rustling: j1987


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The download distributions can be saved to a local drive and played without need of a browser.

Windows: Simply download the file and run MUSIC_BOX_LIEBESTRAUM.exe

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damn you for making me cry DX poor flor!!! Q.Q

Ikr?? Poor guy T_T


The opening was a bit hard for me to go through, mostly due to the language but I did like how Randy was rowdy and full of life to contrast against Florian's calm and quiet demeanor. Den's a good friend to Randy as he complements Randy but is more rational in that aspect.

The story about the reason why Florian stayed outside was sad though it was a bit jarring how quickly both Den and Randy brushed it off, I suppose what was more important to them was that they knew why Florian stayed outside and they wanted to at least send him off. The ending with Florian and Randy was sad and wholesome, the closure Florian desperately needed. Hoping that one day Randy will meet Florian again like how Florian met Randy. 

Great job with this one!

Oh my! I do apologize for the language. Randy and Dennis were based off some of my college mates - they swear like pirates haha! But they're great guys even with their potty mouths.

Someday they'll meet again! Florian's waiting in the afterlife to have a good new one with Randy. They're going to meet up, spend some quality time together and then be reborn as neighbors! As for Den... idk if he wants to continue being a third wheel...

I'll admit I did kinda rush through this one - I began writing it before coding, and then realized halfway that I needed exponentially more time to code if it got too long! I wish I had the guts to use static pictures per story, but alas... I'm what we call a sucker for changing facial expressions (TvT)

Thanks so much for playing it and taking the time to comment! Bless~


No worries! I'm laughing imagining the real life counterparts of Randy and Dennis you've taken inspiration to but that's hella endearing. Lol, Dennis continuing to be the third wheeler, I feel like he'd enjoy his single life because he is tired of relationships because of how gooey both Flor and Randy are (what a total lie, he's really happy seeing both of them together but like man, GET A ROOM). It's totally like that meme song "That it's finally me and you and you and me, and your friend Steve" where Dennis is there couple's therapist who judges Randy every time they talk and wonder how Flor's braincells stay intact (they love each other equally, your honor).


Sorry for the late reply! I haven't been logging into my socials for a while!

Yeah, they're like that! Big kids with big hearts. I remember a time in school where some boys would beat other boys up on their birthday while singing the happy birthday song, and the guy beaten up would laugh through the pain. Dudes seem to call it bro love hahahaha

I think you're right that he'd enjoy his single life as a third wheeler! There's this sense of accomplishment he'd feel seeing his best mates happy - they're like family! Though I don't know if he'd make a great couple's therapist haha! Flor will always think Randy is right and be impressed with even the dumbest of things (or the most terrible of ideas), you can tell...


This was a beautiful little game <333

I loved the change of mood as the game progressed - it started out fun and bright, but Florian's backstory was such a contrast to it, and the sudden shift of tone made it hit even harder. I was genuinely so sad for him, and so happy for him by the end - albeit in a very bittersweet sort of way.

For such a brief play time, it was an emotional rollercoaster, and I enjoyed every high and low along the way!


D'aww, thank you darling! I'm so glad you enjoyed that roller-coaster ride!


:000 oh my... family murder history plus shared love???

florian is so cute... why did gramps go to such lengths to kill him? >:(

Ikr??? Gramps is dumb! T_T

This was very sweet! The story was pretty short, but I think everything came together nicely in the end, and Florian was very cute!

I wasn't a huge fan of the font used (the all caps is a little hard for me to read), but it was pretty enjoyable other than that! Good job!

Thanks! I'll consider an easier-to-read font in the future!

Looking forward to it <3

OOooh thank you!!